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        Guangzhou Green Cross Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is the first large infusion pharmaceutical manufacturer in China that has passed the national GMP certification. Its products have extensive reputation and reputation both at home and abroad. In 2018, Green Cross compound amino acid injection was approved for reference preparation and became the reference standard for similar products in China. The top ten pharmaceutical companies in China have successively distributed Green Cross products. Green Cross maintains good cooperative relations with major pharmaceutical companies in China.
        Guanzhou Green Cross Pharmaceutical CO.,LTD
        No. 2, Jiaoyuan Road, Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone
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        Talent Concept
        "Talent is the first resource", and people are the main body for building the future of the enterprise, and the most important and most active factor in the factors of enterprise productivity. Only when each employee unites and gives full play to the value of each individual will the company have the greatest benefit and a bright future.

        Training direction

        Training environment

        Open up multiple promotion channels to encourage talent to stand out

        Green Cross Group has set multiple job ranks and corresponding pay levels for managers, production technicians, marketers, and skilled workers. This means setting different ranks in the same job, setting up different job evaluation standards and compensation. ) For each category of talents, there is a wide range of job titles and salary increases.

        Cultivate young students through multiple channels, accelerate the growth of backup management and technical talents

        Improve young people's training process, dynamically manage reserve talents, set up assistant job positions to promote the rotation of young talents, participate in retreats into the park, train young key students, and build a broad-based learning platform for young students.

        Salary benefits:

        1. Working hours: 8 hours a day (9:30-17:30)
        2. Holidays: legal holidays, five insurances and one gold, annual medical examination, and legal annual leave.
        3. Other benefits: full attendance award, year-end award, holiday allowance, single dormitory, working meal, commuter car, etc.
        Festival gifts or condolences are issued during the March 8th, Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival;
        Overtime pays overtime according to national regulations;
        According to the business situation, combined with performance appraisal, the year-end award is issued.

        During the internship, the interns are granted a living allowance according to the state regulations, providing free accommodation, Chinese food and dinner.
        After the completion of the internship, the two sides establish a labor relationship, sign a labor contract, and no longer agree on a probationary period.


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        Address: No. 2, Jiaoyuan Road, Economic Development Zone, Guangzhou Tel: 020-37209210, 020-37887419
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